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What is reselling?

Share. Sell. Earn.

Share products to your social circles. When they buy, you earn.

Choose from thousands of products

New products added daily including homeware, kitchenware, baby essentials and more at everyday low prices.

Share on WhatsApp or Facebook

One tap to share products to your customers in WhatsApp group chats and Facebook groups.

Set your profit margin

Add your markup to the listed price. After your customer pays you, order through our app and keep your margin.

Shipped Direct to Customers

After you place an order, we handle everything else from packing to delivery all the way to your customer’s door.

  • Track orders

    Check the progress of every order from the app. Just one look to follow up with customers.

  • Mobile notifications

    Get notified instantly on your phone when an order is out of stock or delivered successfully.

  • Easy refund policy

    We pick returned goods directly from your customer so you don’t need to fuss with after-sales logistics.
    Subject to refund policy.

Weekly Bonus Program

Meet weekly sales targets and get cash back.

  • Tiered bonus system

    The more you sell, the more you earn. Easy to reach targets for casual members and high rewards for top resellers.

  • Real cash, no gimmicks

    Cash directly deposited into your bank account. No vouchers, discounts or store credit with fancy fine print.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices so low?

We cut out the middleman and source from manufacturers directly. Think of us as your personal wholesaler. Also we don’t advertise products because that’s your job! These savings go into your profit margin.

Why can I start with zero investment?

Anyone can sign up for free and share products immediately. When your customer orders from you, collect payment first then order from us. You do invest time and energy, just not money upfront.

Will my customers know Bazaa and your listed prices?

No. We take great care to ensure that your customers don’t know where their orders come from, especially our prices for you.

Can I only share on WhatsApp and Facebook?

No. You can share via Instagram, Twitter, LINE, WeChat, email or any app that accepts images or text.

What if I don’t want to earn from family & friends?

You don’t have to. Like any normal business, you can choose who to earn from. The margin you set on every order is entirely up to you.

What countries are you available in?

Singapore only. If you want us in your country, tell us by live chat.

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