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Addictive Apple Kimchi

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Fresh, juicy apples marinated in Wanting's made-from-scratch, rich, and spicy kimchi paste. The savoury, hot umami paste, juxtaposed with sweet, crunchy apple cubes is an experience like no other. Best of all, it's healthy! Besides being doctor-warding (as the infamous apple saying goes), and MSG-free like all of Wanting Kimchi's products, Apple Kimchi is low in salt, and naturally sweetened with just a tinge of honey and fresh pear. This apple kimchi can be eaten for up to two weeks but for max crunch and freshness, enjoy it within the first 5 days of receipt. Ingredients: Apples, chilli, garlic, ginger, salt, chives, fish, shrimp, water, honey, pear, glutinous rice, cabbage, radish, kelp, mushroom. *Type of apple used may vary according to seasonality and availability.

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